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Swatch believes that ETA fulfilled its obligations back then, and now it’s time to end its obligations. I can follow the market rules. I can follow the rules of the market. I want to sell to whom I want to sell. I want to sell as much as I want. I want to sell at whatever price I want. Sell ??it.However, there is still a lot of controversy about the Blancpain brand. The main controversy lies in history. Blancpain has been resold, acquired, and even reported that 'production has been discontinued for 20 years', but this does not affect Baobao. Perkin's positioning and recognition in the current market.The picture below is the comparison of the details of the Burmese rosewood five-digit watch box of the Watch House. The bottom of the previous watch box has no small cushion. The picture below is the previous watch box watch box of the Burmese rosewood five-digit watch box, inside the lid. The anti-knock cushion is very simple. The workmanship is much better. The hardware of the previous product is relatively thin and the coating quality is erage. After use, the effect gradually deteriorates. The watch box is strong and not lacking in exquisiteness. The small pillow that gives confidence to the previous watch box, I personally find it good in the process of using it.





The orbital outer ring hour markers are matched with classical Arabic numerals. The rare thing is that the white enamel dial is extremely perfect. The slender blue steel hands and the exquisite small seconds are all extra points. The date window opens at the 6 o'clock position of the small seconds circle. , Does not destroy the harmony of the overall face plate, very German meticulous style.The higher the vibration frequency of the ElPrimero star speed movement, the finer the division of time, which in theory is more conducive to accurate timekeeping.The increase is basically around 20%.



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